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M is for Milk

M1 - Cashew, Filtered Water, Medjool Dates, Vanilla Bean, Chia Seeds & Cinnamon.

A deliciously creamy mix of cashews and cinnamon make this milk a firm favourite. Full of heart-healthy fats and proteins, this milk is the perfect afternoon pick up!

M2 - Almonds, Coconut Milk, Medjool Dates, Raw Cacao, Vanilla Bean, Chia Seeds & Himalayan Sea Salt.

Sweet enough to satisfy afternoon sugar cravings, this milk tastes as good as any chocolate milkshake…..but with all the goodness of natural ingredients.

M3 - Filtered Water, Medjool Dates, Chia Seeds, Tumeric Root, Ginger, Coconut Blossom Nectar & Black Pepper.

A dreamy, golden cashew milk blended with peppery aromas of ginger, black pepper and turmeric rot to make a creamy and spicy nut milk. We add black pepper to ensure the maximum health benefits from this milk.

M4 - Filtered Water, Medjool Dates, Chia Seeds & Coconut Blossom Nectar.

Tiger nuts, not actually a nut but a small root vegetable, are grown in Mediterranean countries and fast becoming recognised for their superfood status! Tasting somewhere between an almond and a sweet coconut, tiger nuts boast a huge array of health benefits. High in magnesium, phosphorous, potassium and vitamins C and E; a rich source of antioxidant. The are also high in insoluble fibre, which passes through the gut without being digested, reducing blood sugar spikes. They are a great source of probiotic, boosting the growth of good bacteria in the gut and can aid digestion.Reports also indicate that tiger nuts possess high aphrodisiac properties! An impressive list of powers for a tiny plant. We highly recommend this milk, an original and delicious taste!

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