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Soak Juices

Veg Cleanse

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This cleanse is similar to our signature cleanse, but has more veg and less calories, perfect to support weight loss.

You will receive 1 wellness shot (W2) and 5 raw, cold- pressed juices (J1, 2x J2 & 2x J4). Whilst cleansing, you should avoid eating solid foods, consuming alcohol and caffeine and increase your daily water intake.

Veg Cleanse

Please email to place your order.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why such a short shelf life?

    All our products have a short shelf life; 3 days to be precise. This enables you to enjoy the best flavours and benefit from the optimum nutrients in your juices.

    We use a cold-press process, using the best juicer that money can buy, which extracts all the nutrients from the produce, with no heat damage occurring. This process ensures the juices do not oxidise or deplete in nutrient content for 72 hours. We don’t add anything to our juices, no pasteurisation or preservatives, just 100% raw, natural goodness bursting with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. As we have removed the fibre from the fresh produce through the cold press process, the juice gives the body an instant hit of goodness that is processed faster and more efficiently.

  • Can the juices be frozen?

    While we recommend drinking our juices fresh, we know that buying in bulk is the only option at times, so if you need to, pop them in the freezer as soon as you can and defrost thoroughly before you drink. The sooner you freeze the more nutrients you will conserve!

  • When will I receive my juices?

    We don’t believe that your postcode should stop you from enjoying our delicious juices so we aim to get them to you wherever you are in the country! We offer collection from our house Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday evenings from 6-7pm and local delivery (within a 20 mile radius fromInverurie) for a small charge.

    Next day courier service is also available Nationwide. We use high performance, sustainable, wool insulation and ice packaging so that your juices arrive protected and perfectly chilled ready to go!